My Story

My whole life i have been thinking of ideas and inventions and doing nothing about it. Last year i had enough and decided to take action! I bought a book called App Empire, read it, and signed up for the author’s newsletter. A few months later I received an email that a small intimate event would be held to meet the author of App Empire and learn about developing apps and virtual reality apps. I got the last spot, booked a spontaneous trip and flew to San Diego to learn as much as I could in 2 days. I got on the plane from NY to Cali without even yet having the address of where i would be going! Blind faith steered me and I trusted my gut. I had an amazing experience and was so grateful for the mentorship I received in those 2 days. Every night after work for the past 8 months, I spent hours working on bringing my idea from my head to reality by developing my first App!! Last week Apple approved my app and we soft launched it on the Canadian Apple this week to get some feedback/reviews/ analytics etc. I am planning to make some tweaks if need be after I get more feedback and then will launch it to the world in a few weeks! My app is called My Circle – Privately Share Life Moments. It is a way to share the best moments of your life with only your top 15 friends/family; your circle! I have added other great features to the app like movies that are created at the end of every year from the experiences you added so you can reflect back each year and never forget the life you lived. There is also a bucket list section which you can keep track of your goals and cross them off as you accomplish them. My mission is to help people gain their privacy and time back. There are so many distractions online today and it’s easy to lose so much time and so much of your life mindlessly scrolling. I wanted to create a way where I could record the best moments of my life and share them with only my loved ones. My mission is to help people spend more time being present and enjoying their time with the people who matter most. I believe in spreading positive vibes and encouraging others to achieve their goals and dreams! I hope that my app can help bring more peace, love, and happiness to the world. Here is the link to download My Circle:

Keep up to date by following my facebook page also:


I’d like to give thanks and credit to my amazing friends, parents, sisters & family which have supported me on my journey and believed in me. I am especially grateful to my soon to be husband Danny for cheering me on, supporting me, helping me, encouraging me, and believing in me every step of the way. I am so thankful to Chad Mureta for your time and mentorship and your awesome App Empire system thank you for everything! Thankful for my dev team Spaceo Technologies! I am thankful for the Digiantomasso and Pappalardo family’s for your mentorship and teaching me how to dream big!  Most importantly i am grateful to God for opening the doors and giving me the faith to walk through them!


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